It is an investment and management company.

Our story

We are an investment and management company founded in 2008, specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions, Operational & Financial Restructuring, IT & Automation Solutions and Fundraising.

Our headquarters is located in São Paulo, and we are present in 18 states of Brazil. We have global coverage through BTGGA, with 182 offices around the world. Read more…

Years in business
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Our performance

Operational Restructuring

Rewrite the history of your company.

Turnaround is made of a deep implementation of a company restructuring, focused on results and growth….

Financial Restructuring and Debts

TCP has extensive experience with both creditors and debtors.

We understand cash pressure situations and seek to understand both the debtor and the creditor side to bring transparency and come up with a process that solves the situation for both…

M&A / Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialize in advising companies on strategic M&A processes.

A coordinated sales process must be conducted by highly trained advisors, for it requires company preparation, planning, assessment knowledge, legal contracts and follow-up of diligence…

IT Solutions & Automation

Our expert team has strong experience in IT management and leadership.

IT management in organizations depends on strategic professionals capable of leading digital transformations and digital innovations for the company’s growth…